Direction | Documentary | Trailer(opening sequence) from VM PROJECT on Vimeo.

Direction | Documentary | Trailer(opening sequence)

__ 24 SAT, SEPTEMBER 2011

Film Directed by
VM Project Directors Group

(with Lowangleworks)

This film is about the people of S.F.G.(Seoul Fixed Gear) and Seoul city. This story shows the people who are trying to blaze a trail for fixed gear in Seoul, a city in which bicycle culture has not yet been defined. The people in the film range from graffiti artists, to film directors, to T-shirt designers, to B-boys, swimmers and bicycle mechanics.

It shows their individual passion for riding fixed.

Why do we ride in a city which cannot fully protect us by law? In a city in which cars rule the road so unrelentingly?...

The answer is simple.

SFG (seoul fixed gear)

SungWook Yoon : WK
Wondo Song : Woody
Minseok Jo : MS
KwangHyun Kim : GWANG
YongSeok Shin : Shinkoon
HanSeok Kang : HS
Hacheon Park : HC
Yongjin Kim : YJ
Minguk choi : MG


Sound Editor VM Project
Translation Woody | Soomi La

Outro Music : DJ Soulscape(360Sounds)

Special Thanks

Yongmin Kim : Lowangleworks
Haelan Kim : Fixedgeargirls Korea
Joachim Germain
Soomi La
Amy Goalen

Support by

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